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When NASCAR outlawed Chrysler's hemi engine in 1965, the manufacturer and its teams opted to sit out the start of the season. Instead, Richard Petty went drag racing in this Plymouth Barracuda.

Petty competed in a number of match races. On Feb. 28, 1965, he lined up against Arnie Beswick at Southeastern Dragway in Dallas, Ga. As he took off, the car slammed into a dirt embankment and then landed in the crowd. A wheel from Petty's car struck eight-year-old Wayne Dye, killing him. Seven others were injured.

NASCAR's ban of the hemi lasted until just after the World 600 at Charlotte in May. It wasn't until July 25 at Bristol that Petty competed in his first NASCAR event of the season. In all, Petty ran 14 NASCAR races that year, winning four of them.

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